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a.1.(Biol.) Having two margins toothed like a comb.
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Oxygen uptake, diffusion limitation, and diffusing capacity of the bipectinate gills of the abalone, Haliotis iris (Mollusca: Prosobranchia).
In his revisional study on the genus Ditrigona, Wilkinson (1968) enumerated the generic characters as follow: antennal form variable, serrate, unipectinate or bipectinate; thorax and abdomen usually white; forewing not strongly falcate; the fasciae gray to brown; uncus present either bifid, bifurcate or single; valves variably developed; aedeagus strongly developed and variously shaped; ostium variable; corpus bursae in most species with signum and with an accessory sac.
The ctenidium is bipectinate with a short afferent membrane and thus the free portion is long.
Male (Plate I, figs 1, 2): Ground colour dark greyish brown; antennae quadripectinate, with 35 segments, 9 mm long, only last 4-5 segments bipectinate, longest rami 0.9 mm, ochreous.
The posterior tail region includes the single fused gonopericardial duct, the intestine, and the most posteriorly situated knob with the hemocoel, gametoduct, rectum, and a pair of bipectinate ctenidia in the bell-like mantle cavity.
Presence of bipectinate antennae to apex on male separates it from subpectinata.
Head, thorax and collar white; antenna brown, bipectinate; labial palpus white with light brown at base.