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a.1.(Biol.) Having two margins toothed like a comb.
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Oxygen uptake, diffusion limitation, and diffusing capacity of the bipectinate gills of the abalone, Haliotis iris (Mollusca: Prosobranchia).
The new subspecies can be described as follows: Vesti-ture of head, thorax, abdomen and legs an even, lead grey; male antennae bipectinate, longest rami about 10 times as long as length of segments; female antennae short (1/4 length of forewing) and weakly biserrate; eyes reduced and ellipsoidal, as in most other diurnal Arctic-alpine noctuoid moths; eye reduction more pronounced in female; forewing length 19.
The ctenidium is bipectinate with a short afferent membrane and thus the free portion is long.
Male (Plate I, figs 1, 2): Ground colour dark greyish brown; antennae quadripectinate, with 35 segments, 9 mm long, only last 4-5 segments bipectinate, longest rami 0.
The posterior tail region includes the single fused gonopericardial duct, the intestine, and the most posteriorly situated knob with the hemocoel, gametoduct, rectum, and a pair of bipectinate ctenidia in the bell-like mantle cavity.