bipolar disorder

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bipolar disorder

A mood disorder characterized by manic or hypomanic episodes typically alternating with depressive episodes. Also called manic-depressive disorder.

bipolar disorder


bipolar affective disorder


bipolar syndrome

(Psychiatry) a mental health problem characterized by an alternation between extreme euphoria and deep depression

bipo′lar disor′der

an affective disorder characterized by periods of mania alternating with depression, usu. interspersed with relatively long intervals of normal mood; manic-depressive illness.
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Noun1.bipolar disorder - a mental disorder characterized by episodes of mania and depressionbipolar disorder - a mental disorder characterized by episodes of mania and depression
affective disorder, emotional disorder, emotional disturbance, major affective disorder - any mental disorder not caused by detectable organic abnormalities of the brain and in which a major disturbance of emotions is predominant
cyclic disorder, cyclothymia, cyclothymic disorder - a mild bipolar disorder that persists over a long time
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'In addition, we are pleased with the progress we have made in our other development programs, in particular our recent positive results with lumateperone for the treatment of bipolar depression.'
"In the second quarter of 2019, Allergan delivered steady growth in our key products including Botox, Vraylar, Juvederm, Lo Loestrin, and Ozurdex,vwhile we continued to advance our pipeline, highlighted by the FDA's approval of VRAYLAR (Cariprazine) for Bipolar Depression and the NDA acceptance for Bimatoprost SR for Glaucoma," said Brent Saunders, CEO of Allergan.
In its depression program, data from the Phase 2 open-label study of SAGE-217 in bipolar depression demonstrated rapid improvement compared to baseline; and analysis of datasets from previously completed studies revealed encouraging findings relevant to the development of SAGE-217 in treatment-resistant depression and generalized anxiety disorder.
Stephen Stahl, Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California San Diego and lead author of the post hoc analysis, Cariprazine Efficacy in Patients with Bipolar Depression and Concurrent Manic Symptoms.
We also outlined what we consider to be the major clinical features of bipolar depression and noted the role of thyroid hormones in managing mood disorders.
M2 EQUITYBITES-May 29, 2019-Allergan and Gedeon Richter wins US FDA approval of expanded use of VRAYLAR (cariprazine) in bipolar depression
M2 PHARMA-May 29, 2019-Allergan and Gedeon Richter wins US FDA approval of expanded use of VRAYLAR (cariprazine) in bipolar depression
After the Institutional Ethics Committee approved the study for its ethical aspects, 40 patients with bipolar depression (all 40 patients had BID) and 40 patients with major depression were enrolled.
He said: "She has COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and bipolar depression, and this is making matters worse.
"The FDA approval of this medicine for the treatment of pediatric patients with bipolar depression is significant for several reasons," Dr.
Patients who received lurasidone reportedly experienced improved bipolar depression symptoms, compared with placebo, based on "the primary efficacy end point of change from baseline to week 6 on the Children's Depression Rating Scale-Revised total score (-21.0 vs.
Current treatments for major depressive disorder and bipolar depression have major limitations with many patients do not responding to available antidepressant drugs.