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1. (also -măn′) One, such as an ornithologist, who works with birds.
2. Slang An aviator.
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(ˈbɜːdˌmæn; -mən)
n, pl -men
1. a man concerned with birds, such as a fowler or ornithologist
2. a man who attempts to fly using his own muscle power
3. (Military) an obsolete informal name for airman
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(ˈbɜrdˌmæn, -mən)

n., pl. -men (-ˌmɛn, -mən)
1. a person who keeps or watches birds.
2. Informal. aviator.
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As a bird man, Worcester did not take kindly to the insinuation that he was like a rapacious eagle that plundered his fellow men.
The Gothams have gained prominence in recent years for honouring movies that went on to win Academy Awards, including Bird Man, Spotlight, Moonlight and Get Out.
They read a book by local author David Almond - 'My Dad's a Bird Man', an enthralling story about a father and daughter who took part in the Great Human Bird Competition.
Simon Paul, 49, hit Norman Edge - known as The Bird Man - twice before kicking him while he lay stricken.
Discover all about Reuben Jasper Spalding's 1889 bird man suit, Karolina Sobecka's personal cloud maker and Hugo Gernsback's concentration helmet.
Too late--the boneyard-bound bird landed gear up, wing up, wings folded and, after coming to rest, was abandoned by the red-faced bird man.
BIRD NERDS Resident bird man Roger took us for a walk in the gorgeous Ecclesdown Road nature reserve, where we spotted very colourful chestnut-bellied cuckoos, bananaquits, Jamaican euphonias, as well as parrots and hummingbirds and streamertails.
On her journey to rescue Ossie from her phantasm fiance, Ava is accompanied by a mysterious figure known as the Bird Man, who appears to possess strange powers as well as the knowledge of how to reach the underworld.
GOLF Bird man Fish A BIRDIE blitz from South Africa's Trevor Fisher Jnr earned him the lead going into the final round of the Africa Open in East London.
Apology accepted--although this does raise some questions concerning that 1080, Bird Man.
All that I would consider art since then has been temporary, and while there have been some outstanding examples of new thinking in public by contemporary artists including Keith Wilson's 1999 "Puddle" in Bournville Village, Katharina Grosse's "Cool Puppen" commissioned by Ikon Gallery and sprayed onto Birmingham Central Library in 2002, Mark McGowan's "Dead Soldier" performance of 2006 commissioned by International Project Space, and even Benjamin Verdonck's "bird man", which whilst verging on the edge of silliness, was talked about around the world in 2005, none remain.