bird food

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also bird food  (bûrd′fo͞od′)
Food given to birds, such as mixed seeds.
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Noun1.bird food - food given to birdsbird food - food given to birds; usually mixed seeds
feed, provender - food for domestic livestock
canary seed - a mixture of seeds used to feed caged birds
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It cost me e1/410 (Dh47.31), and I bought some bird seed from an old hardware shop that sold everything from priming pumps to panelling pins, bicycle kits to kitchen sinks, turpentine to bales of twine.
Whether you put out just one or many types of bird seed, you are actually helping several bird species stay alive.
Peanuts and bird seed will also be on sale as will packs of Christmas cards and wildlife notelets.
"I was feeding my birds in the aviary, when Udupi, my billy goat, decided to push past me and fill his face with bird seed," she explained.
And with the amount of bird seed lying around, every pigeon in South East London is treating the place like a fly-through CluckDonalds.
AMAN'S car was bizarrely filled with bird seed while he was on a tenminute shopping trip.
The posters also warn that bread does not provide ducks with the right nutrition and suggests alternatives including cut-up grapes, bird seed, chopped lettuce and oats.
"The next day I took some bird seed and he swooped down and sat on my palm pecking away.
It's always better to use bird seed from the garden centre.
As in any pageant the competitors are thoroughly groomed and fed on a diet of bird seed, though possibly with bigger servings than their human counterparts.
INGREDIENTS Plenty of good quality bird seed. Peanut pieces, raisins and a little grated cheese.