avian influenza

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a·vi·an in·flu·en·za

n. influenza aviaria, que puede ser fatal, altamente contagiosa, trasmitida por aves contagiadas por uno de los virus tipo A.
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The committee approved the bird-flu funds by a 36-28 vote as part of a supplemental fiscal 2007 fiscal spending bill for the Defense Department and other agencies.
Avian-influenza virus is evolving, so no one can predict the exact genetic makeup of a killer bird-flu strain that would spread from person to person and cause a pandemic.
As a result, 147 of the tigers died or had to be killed because of bird-flu infection.
China recently informed the World Health Organization (WHO) of a bird-flu death that occurred on July 12.
Even though Brazil is not on the bird-flu map, it has always run the risk of birds arriving sick in the country, and psychological factors over the illness affect exporting companies.
Last week, despite a $7 billion proposal to combat the H5N1 bird-flu virus, the Bush Administration released 227 pages pretty much saying that should a pandemic strike, it's every man for himself -- or, at least, every local government for itself.
Instead, Mourinho is more anxious by the discovery of a dead swan washed-up in Fife on Wednesday carrying the deadly bird-flu virus.
USDA said last week it is equipped to handle a potential bird-flu outbreak, stressing that milder forms of the virus periodically hit the United States.
The bird-flu scare came about when five naval personnel fell ill with flu-like symptoms after coming into contact with the remains of the dead swallows while patrolling at Layang-Layang island off Sabah.
They engineered the virus to produce the version of a protein, called hemagglutinin, that is found on either the bird-flu virus known as H5N1 or the one called H7N7.
Now, with the new bird-flu control draft from the state of California, a chance to turn in your neighbors to authorities may not be so far away.