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You wander from the subject, Julian; you are what I call bird-witted. I protest I forget what I wanted to say to you.
"Bird-Witted," written the following year, deliberates on a rather grotesque outcome of the maternal instinct sans gentlemen.
The circumstances of her mother bird in the 1926 "Bird-Witted," written the year after "Pigeons" and reprinted in A-Quiver (117), would certainly not qualify as such, considering her bird's natural yet perverse attack on a domestic cat in the poem.
Published two years after "Bird-Witted," Bishop's "Man-Moth" (which Moore encouraged the young poet to publish in Bryher's Life & Letters To-Day [Selected Letters 353]) (4) is titled after a newspaper misprint for the extinct mammoth (of the elephant family), adding the danger of extinction to the poem's urban hybrid, its prototypic outsider/poet, sexually indeterminate, endangered but persistent.