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1. A bird watcher.
a. A breeder of birds.
b. A hunter of birds.


(Other Non-sporting Hobbies) another name for a bird-watcher


(ˈbɜr dər)

1. a bird-watcher.
2. a person who raises birds.
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Noun1.birder - a person who identifies and studies birds in their natural habitatsbirder - a person who identifies and studies birds in their natural habitats
amateur - someone who pursues a study or sport as a pastime


nVogelbeobachter(in) m(f)
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It would be the first of many that birders would record as part of the Great Backyard Bird Count.
While birders prize owls, the ethical ones also abet the species' secretive natures with their own code of silence, an owl"omert'e0.
Birders of all experience levels are invited to join the Coast Fork Birders for a bird walk through both paved and unpaved spaces.
Bob Garnett) LATE August, into September, is seawatching season for keen birders.
Lovely photos by Kathy Adams Clark compliment entries packed with bird information, making this a winning field guide for newcomers and advanced Texas birders alike.
Once Ross posted his pictures online, it sparked an internet surge from birders across the country.
However, it may be too soon to press the climate change alarm, caution some birders adding that any change in migratory behaviour could have resulted from the disturbed habitats in the city.
Aiming to promote the development of a solid foundation for building field skills, veteran birders Armistead and Sullivan explain how to become a good birder: be a good bird watcher, which means preparing for the field, studying for the next venture outside, daydreaming about certain species and hoping for discoveries, and often keeping a list of species sighted over time.
In Texas, for example, birders had to drive more than five hours across the state's southern peninsula to set the Big Day record of 294 species.
The aim is to help Cornell create a mobile device tool for beginning or intermediate birders to identify what they've snapped a picture of.
A Noisy Bird Sing-Along" includes an idea for a great game birders can play called "Big Day," in which the participant tries to identify as many birds as possible seen or heard while sitting for 24 hours in one spot.
The prevalence of these small, inexpensive tools is increasing at a rate that concerns many recreational birders, said Michael Webster, a professor and director of Cornell University's Macaulay Library archive, the repository for more than 200,000 bird call recordings -- 150,000 of which people can use online.