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a.1.Resembling a bird.
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Then, feigning a tiff, he would close his manuscript, and all the ladies with their birdlike voices would beseech him with "Oh, no, Messer Firenzuola, please go on again; it's SO charming!" while, as if by accident, Madonna Selvaggia's moonlike bosom would once more slip out its heavenly silver, perceiving which, Messer Firenzuola would open his manuscript again and proceed with his sweet learning.
Once or twice I heard a faint pitter-patter like the feet of the dog going hither and thither on the sand far below me, and there were more birdlike sounds, but that was all.
Dede Mason had quick, birdlike ways, almost flitting from mood to mood; and she was all contrition on the instant.
She paused, in sudden fear of completing the thought into which her birdlike precipitancy had betrayed her.
Strutting about with great show and braggadocio, he strove to impress his followers with the mere nothingness of so trivial a feat as flying birdlike thousands of yards above the jungle, though it was long until he had thoroughly convinced himself by the force of autosuggestion that he had enjoyed every instant of the flight and was already far advanced in the art of aviation.
"Dexter's Leap-frog!" he cried, cheerfully, perching himself with his birdlike lightness on the last of the prostrate chairs when he had reached the further end of the room.
"What inning was it when they announced it because (Kyle) Schwarber came out and started doing the Kimbrel thing," said reliever Steve Cishek, referring to Kimbrel's birdlike stance on the mound.
An experimental app beams in birdlike chirps, at a specific frequency.
Sources told theSouth China Morning Postthat more than 30 military and government agencies have deployed the birdlike drones and related devices in at least five provinces in recent years.
With his powerful breath control, he makes everything from vigorous, thundering tones to light, birdlike quivers.In conversation with The Nation, he talked about his career and success.
Like just how birdlike Rexy would have been, that parts of his skin were likely coloured and covered in bristles.
Culled from the monograph Asylum of the Birds (2014), the photo titled Take Off (above) sets contesting elements--immobilized birds and drawings of birdlike planes in exuberant flight--around a garishly masked person who holds one of the winged creatures in its mouth.