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 (bûrd′zī′), Clarence 1886-1956.
American inventor who received over 300 patents, most notably for methods of quick-freezing food.



Clarence, 1886–1956, U.S. inventor and businessman: developer of food-freezing process.


adj., n., pl. -eyes. adj.
1. seen from above; panoramic: a bird's-eye view of the city.
2. superficial; general: a bird's-eye view of ancient history.
3. having markings resembling birds' eyes: bird's-eye tweed.
4. any of various plants having small, round, bright-colored flowers, as a primrose, Primula farinosa.
a. a pattern in fabric, typically a small diamond with a center dot.
b. a fabric having this pattern.
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He captioned the video: "Boycot birdseye peas [sic]."
1930: Clarence Birdseye marketed the first frozen foods in Massachusetts.
In May, the Journal trumpeted: "The Birdseye Sports Evesham Sunday League Division One champions, managed by Darren Reeves, completed the treble with a 2-0 win over Evesham WMC in the Worcestershire FA Sunday Junior Cup final.
Two years ago she joined the team at Birdseye Construction as a project manager and estimator, where she oversaw the company's high-end homes and worked with designers and contractors to make them as green and efficient as possible.
The fish fingers were always from Birds Eye, promoted by TV adverts featuring Captain Birdseye, a jolly seaman with a full white beard who wore a naval uniform with a chunkyknit white polo-neck.
The new Captain Birdseye has been unveiled as hunky Italian actor Riccardo Acerbi.
CAPTAIN BIRDSEYE CREATOR DIES AGED 80 | SAD to report that Anthony Simonds-Gooding, the man behind the creation of Captain Birdseye has died at the age of 80.
Military expert Paddy Stevenson wonders why Captain Birdseye has been demoted after some of his stripes go missing on a soft toy given away by the food firm
Montana is the most versatile handheld which uses BirdsEye Satellite Imagery for a lifelike depiction of one's surroundings.
A pre-bid walk-through will begin at Johnson House, 719 Birdseye St., on April 15 at 10:00 am.
And even Captain Birdseye might head into harbour if one of these bad boys was waiting for him.
NEW Football Association chief Martin Glenn has gone from Captain Birdseye to ruling English football.