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A musical instrument with a gourd resonator and a single steel wire stretched across a long pole or stick.

[Portuguese, from Kimbundu mbi-rimbau : mbi-, n. pref. + -rimbau, berimbau.]


(Portuguese berɪ̃ˈbau)
(Instruments) a Brazilian single-stringed bowed instrument, used to accompany capoeira
[from the quimbundo (an Angolan language) word mbirimbau]
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Habran entrado mas tarde: banana, bantu, birimbau, bongo, carabali, conga, cumbia, lambada, samba y tanga.
No capoeira circle is without someone playing a birimbau, a tall, slender instrument made from a wooden stick, string, and a gourd.
America's Young Choreographer of the Year is Erica Torrey from Diane Kelley Dance Studio in West Boylston, Massachusetts, for her Birimbau.