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A borough of northwest England at the mouth of the Mersey River near Liverpool.


(Placename) a port in NW England, in Wirral unitary authority, Merseyside: former shipbuilding centre. Pop: 83 729 (2001)


(Biography) Frederick Edwin Smith, 1st Earl of, known as F. E. Smith. 1872–1930, British Conservative statesman, lawyer, and orator


(ˈbɜr kənˌhɛd)

a seaport in Merseyside county, in W England, on the Mersey River. 336,500.
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AKE a trip down Memory Lane with our pictures from the ECHO archives, showing how we used to shop in Birkenhead.
Ellis Humphrey Evans, or Hedd Wyn, entered the chair competition at the National Eisteddfod, which was held at Birkenhead on September 6-8, 1917.
Brothers Jacob and Luke Birkenhead played for the Eagles.
THE operator of Birkenhead docks says it is confident it will recover the business it lost when ferry operator DFDS closed a route last year.
Now, shoppers in Birkenhead will be wondering if Wirral's biggest town is about to go down the same path.
But now she has another idea -- that a new rail terminus could open in the centre of Birkenhead for trains to Wales and to the south west.
BIRKENHEAD-bound shoppers joining six-coach Merseyrail trains on December 5, at the 13 stations south of Rock Ferry, were only told on board of the need to switch to a three-coach service at Rock Ferry thanks to platform repair work at Birkenhead Central.
A DESIGNER says Liverpool needs a station serving the city centre - in Birkenhead.
The proposals - which are at an early stage - could involve an "imaginative" scheme to link Birkenhead town centre with Hamilton Square and Woodside, as well as a new use for the town hall.
WIRRAL Council is set to take full control of Birkenhead Market.
Owen lived in Birkenhead between the ages of four and 14, attending the Birkenhead Institute.