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A trademark for a sandal with a molded cork insole.


(ˈbɜr kənˌstɒk)
Trademark. a brand of sandals.
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You're the kind of guy who wears his Birkenstocks until the soles are worn out.
If you're in the latter camp, you'll be glad to know these sole-saviours aren't going anywhere, with clogs, Birkenstocks and pool sliders all sticking around this summer.
Arguing strongly for the allying of farmers with environmentalists, author Don Stuart writes in Barnyards and Birkenstocks of the intrinsic need for supporters of the environment and family farmers to overcome their traditional differences and work together to save both the environment and the institution of the family farm.
Lululemon leggings, a pastel Whistles T-shirt, Birkenstocks and my Heston Blumenthal sunnies.
The key items of this fashion trend are Birkenstocks, tracksuit pants, cotton jersey, Crocs, Turtlenecks and flannel shirts.
All the usual suspects are listed - rain, running, home of the UO, (not OSU) good beer and wine, Birkenstocks and, of course, hippies.
FESTIVE FOOTWEAR: It might be welly weather, but these Birkenstocks emblazoned with Mickey Mouse cartoon strips are adorable.
A group of beardy chinstrokers are shuffling about in their Birkenstocks, slapping each other on the back and saying they've found God.
I'm not suggesting that all pregnant women waft around in flowing knitwear and Birkenstocks.
With a long history, it only makes sense that certain categories of Birkenstocks in the United States, such as the Arizona, have celebrated 30 years of customer satisfaction, as pointed out by Birkenstock USA, the mother company's US subsidiary.
Five-inch heels, flip-flops, Birkenstocks, dropped ice cream cones, the odd tobacco squirt, baby carriages, roller blades, skateboards, wheelchairs - bring it all on," Close joked.