n.1.One of tow equal parts of a line, or other magnitude.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Barium swallow showed bisegment diverticulum in posterior part of cervical esophagus with a single neck at the level of C7-T1.
The virus genome is bisegmented; that is, it is formed by two positive-sense RNA molecules which are single-stranded (RNA1 and RNA2), while it does not contain a poly(A) sequence at the 3' end [6].
A virus with a bisegmented double-stranded RNA genome in rat (Oryzomys nigripes) intestines.
To improve the duration of the stored information two mechanisms have been recently proposed: the inscription of an opposite ferromagnetic band (OFB) and the storage of the symbol in a set of bisegmented magnetic nanowires [12, 13].
Teninges, "Biophysical and biochemical characterization of five animal viruses with bisegmented double-stranded RNA genomes," Journal of Virology, vol.
The viruses possess a bisegmented, single-stranded RNA genome with ambisense coding strategy consisting of a small segment coding for the nucleoprotein and glycoprotein and a large (L) segment coding for the RNA-dependent RNA polymerase and matrix protein.
A novel bisegmented double stranded RNA virus in avian faeces.
Since the mass production of GaN-based LEDs in Taiwan, to reduce internal costs and increase revenue, the division of labor in the industry was transformed from the formerly trisegmented pattern (covering upstream, midstream, and downstream segments) into a bisegmented pattern (including up-midstream sector of Epi-wafer and grain process and the downstream sector of package and module) (see Figure 5).
16) triangular, coalescent suture between mesonotum and scutellum distinct, bisegmented. Forewings (Fig.
paranaensis inarmatus: complete molting, well-defined depression between head and valves (Figure 1), presence of horn-like protuberance on valves (Figure 2), antennules with well developed system of hillocks (Figure 3), antennas with spine second segment exopod bisegmented (Figure 4), and absence of spinules on the inner margin valves.
Among the Reduviidae subfamilies, Phimophorinae can be distinguished by the following combination of characters: presence of waxy secretions on the cuticle; body depressed; antennae inserted at the apex of head, distal flagellomere reduced; antenniferous tubercles plate-like, covering the insertions of the antennae; buccula present; prosternal sulcus with lateral shield-like structures; and bisegmented tarsus (Usinger and Wygodzinsky 1964).