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v. t.1.To busy; to employ.
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Additional drilling at Bisie has firmed up a robust geological model which is guiding the current resource drilling programme and future exploration.
Poulsen decends into a notorious illegal tin mine near Bisie in Kivu, in eastern DRC, that makes the ninth circle of hell seem like a holiday camp.
He got rare access to one of them, near Bisie, where the youngsters looking like extras from Indiana Jones spend days on end covered in filth while they cling on the unsafe walls with crude tools to harvest the mineral.
Despite President Kabila of the DR Congo banning mining in the eastern provinces of North Kivu, South Kivu and Maniema in September 2010, Bisie in North Kivu is the source of about 15,000t of tin or 4% of global supplies.
About 15 planes a day land at the airstrip to export tonnes of cassiterite from the Bisie mine in the deep jungle.