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be) on territory of CR within and nearby the Moravia area--TUBO, BISK, GOPE, KUNZ, CPAR, CFRM, together with data from selected suitable EPN stations in surrounding countries--MOPI and MOP2 (SK), WROC and ZYWI (PL), TRF2 (AU), SPRN (HU) served for definition of coordinate reference frame for our computations, so as the EPN stations are continually monitored and have well defined EUREF coordinates and velocities.
While many celebrate the twentieth-century victories of Zionism that brought the Jews back to their homeland, Bisk claims a singular political confidence in Israel is misplaced.
Tsvi Bisk is a futurist and director of the Center for Strategic Thinking in Israel.
Hansen and Lee (1997) examined 440 questions from ten auditing text banks published between 1982 and 1995 as well as the Bisk 1992 Comprehensive Exam Review for Auditing materials.
Bisk, Software Licenses Through the Bankruptcy Looking Glass: Drafting Individually Negotiated Software Licenses that Protect the Client's Interests in Bankruptcy, 17 FORDHAM INTELL.
State-of-the-art technology developed by Bisk Education, Inc.
Another possibility is raised through Cavendish's use of a blazon of the female body in her poem "A Bisk [Bisque] for Nature's Table" (1653):
In spite of his prestigious success, however, Bosquet could not forget "the other" - Anatole Bisk (a model for Arnold Schwab), born in Odessa, a refugee in Brussels (where "Bisk" became "Bosquet") and in the United States, where, in 1942, he joined the army and became an American citizen.
Boone, the forum featured Richard Bisk, math professor at Worcester State University; Phyllis Goldstein, Worcester public schools' English language arts liaison; and Mr.
Bisk CPEasv is a leading provider of continuing professional education products to CPAs, CFPs, EAs and other finance professionals.