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, Prince Otto Eduard Leopold von Known as "the Iron Chancellor." 1815-1898.
Creator and first chancellor of the German Empire (1871-1890). Instrumental in victory over Austria (1866) and the creation of the North German Confederation (1867), he instituted during his chancellorship sweeping social reforms by which he sought to stop the advance of German socialism.

Bis·marck′i·an adj.
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Adj.1.Bismarckian - of or relating to Prince Otto von Bismarck or his accomplishmentsBismarckian - of or relating to Prince Otto von Bismarck or his accomplishments
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Taken together, the value of the assets accumulated by Chilean pension funds is equivalent to about two thirds of the country's GDP This places Chile in the same league as countries which have had private pensions for over a century, and miles ahead of countries with traditional Bismarckian systems ...
This piece of Bismarckian chicanery curiously made the offenders an aggrieved party.
Considering these figures and the changing nature of work, the Bismarckian model of social protection, which prevails in most countries, may no longer be appropriate.
Angelo Codevilla rang the alarm about the excesses of statism in a 2009 essay (1) about the growth of the Bismarckian (think Prussian) administrative state.
On the other hand, it is certainly possible that Chinese policymakers see themselves as having chosen the Bismarckian path while unintentionally signaling to the United States and China's neighbors the Wilhelmine one.
New coalitions took shape on the Continent to replace the Bismarckian order, and the powers of the Triple Alliance (Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy) engaged in sizable shipbuilding programs.
Just as important, he also highlighted the ties to the Bismarckian tradition and the racist component of his plan.
If the Tories are wondering what the vast majority of the public are now thinking, let me make it crystal clear, with apologies for ascending to the rarefied terms of Burkean philosophy and Bismarckian diplomatic theory: We don't have time for any more of your [this].
Bismarckian Prussia did its best to uproot Catholicism and denationalize Polish peasantry; it partially succeeded.
For decades, Washington was able to play a Bismarckian game of cultivating good relations with all countries, indeed better than they had with each other.