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n. Mythology
The Egyptian god of music and revelry and the guardian deity of women in labor, often depicted as a dwarf.

[Egyptian bs.]
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(Non-European Myth & Legend) an ancient Egyptian god represented as a grotesque hairy dwarf: the patron of music and pleasure
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(beɪs, beɪt, bɛt)

also bet

the second letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
[1905–10; < Hebrew bēth literally, house; see beta]
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This will be conducted in Bohol Island State University, Main Campus (BISU, MC) Tagbilaran City during the school year 2009-2010.
For the modal test, the measurements of the frequency response functions are carried out under controlled conditions, where the structure of the analyzed technologic equipment is artificially excited (Zapciu & Bisu, 2007).
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En el laboratorio se peso con una balanza analitica ([+ o -] 0.1 mg) toda la parte blanda, y por separado la masa visceral que incluyo la gonada (sin manto, branquias, bisu y pie) y los musculos, con el objeto de calcular en base humeda, el indice gonadosomatico (IGS) y el indice de rendimiento muscular (IRM), a traves de las relaciones descritas por Marshall (1960):
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After, there was another girl called Diana who he got to know at a disco called Bisu. Like Rebecca she was like David's wife - tall, dark, slim."
"He said to me: Publish 'Nyani Sunyi Seorang Bisu,'" Joesoef recalled.
Among the most outstanding is Sunyi Seorang Bisu (The Silent Song of a Mate) by Ananta Toer, one of Indonesia's preeminent men of letters.
He then proposed the same identification with regard to the various kinds of herons and waterbirds (jankun, kuntul, bisu, baka) which in stanzas 116-117cd of Sarga 24 engaged in deceitful strategy and ate the powerless fish, and were subsequently punished (stanzas 52-60 of Sarga 25).
The increase of the structure stiffness the ability for damping increased and this leads consequently damping convergence (Bisu, 2007) this is reflected on the tool and spindle damping convergence.