gray scale

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gray′ scale`

a scale of achromatic colors having equal gradations ranging from white to black.
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Full digital signal handling is performed by the AXII processor operating in up to 38 bit depth.
However, Bluetooth audio designs are often limited by the bit depth and frequency rate of existing codecs, which are the communication and compression technology used to send audio over the air.
Data output includes bit depth versus time, off-center force, and sliding, as well as load distribution by cone, row, cone steel versus insert, bearing load and torque.
PG27UQ is the first and only gaming monitor with DisplayHDR 1000 certification, the display industry's fully open standard specifying HDR quality, including luminance, color gamut, bit depth and rise time that targets not only gaming monitors, but also displays for professionals, enthusiasts and content creators.
The pixel size of the frontal planes was increased from 0.1 mm to 0.2 mm to standardize the pixel size to the sectioning interval; their bit depth was lowered from 48 bits color to 24 bit color.
Digital music for audiophiles has gotten better with higher sampling rates and bit depth, both of which can contribute to more accurate, more enjoyable music listening.
The number of bits required to express each audio sample is known as bit depth. It is a measurement of sound accuracy: the higher the bit depth is, the more it would be precise.
(2 - 1) represents potential biggest value for the image pixel, and n is the image's bit depth. In our experiment the image's bit depth n is 8, so the ([2.sup.n] - 1) is 255.
With HDR, bit depth has increased from 8-bit colour to 10-bit colour, significantly increasing the picture colour palette and thereby the picture quality.
The large-sized sensor is perfectly matched with the offered lenses, combined with the high bit depth and unparalleled high dynamic range, you have sharp, noise-free and high contrast images that faithfully reproduce even the finest details.
The digital acquisition system includes a configured frame grabber for full-frame rate, full bit depth acquisition, and display.