Bitot spots

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Bi·tot spots

n., pl. Bitot, manchas de, pequeñas manchas grises triangulares que aparecen en la conjuntiva y se asocian a la deficiencia de vitamina A.
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In our study, 35.5% of the children were having skin problems (scabies, hypopigmented patches over the face, rashes, and infectious wounds), 28.3% were having dental problems (dental caries, fluorosis), 12.9% were having scalp problems (dandruff, pediculosis), 11.6% were having ear problems (wax, ear discharge), 5.7% were having upper respiratory problems (DNS, polyp, congestion), 3.9% were having eye problems (refractive error, bitot spots), and 2.3% were having other problems (pain abdomen, dysmenorrhea).
Clinical signs of avitaminosis A (Bitot spots and/or xerophthalmia) were assessed in a nonrandomly selected subsample of 200 children.