Bitter earth

(Min.) tale earth; calcined magnesia.

See also: Bitter

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Joe Schermoly "This Bitter Earth" About Face Theatre
4 performance: resident choreographer Robert Garland's New Bach (1999), which sprinkles balletic formations with boogying; Christopher Wheeldon's dreamlike, sinewy duet, This Bitter Earth (2012); Dancing on the Front Porch of Heaven (1993), Ulysses Dove's dramatic requiem to the celestial music of Arvo Part; and the jazzy Harlem on My Mind (2018), by Darrell Grand Moultrie.
The selected playwrights and theatres are Meridith Friedman, Your Best One, Curious Theatre Company in Denver; Gordon Leary and Julia Meinwald, The Loneliest Girl in the World, Diversionary Theatre in San Diego, Calif.; Cameron Cobb, Alichael Federico, and Max Hartman, Pompeii!!, Kitchen Dog Theater Company in Dallas;JeniferNii, The Weird Play, Plan-B Theatre Company in Salt Lake City; Kristiana Rae Colon, Tilikum, Sideshow Theatre Company in Chicago; Bekah Brunstetter, an original commission from Theater Breaking Through Barriers in New York City; Jennifer Barclay, Ripe Frenzy, Synchronicity Theatre in Atlanta; Eleanor Burgess, The Niceties, Portland Stage Company in Portland, Maine; Harrison David Rivers, This Bitter Earth, Penumbra Theatre in St.
This bitter earth is a song Clogging the mouth before it is swallowed or spat out.
She told supporters her rendition of Dinah Washington's This Bitter Earth was aimed at Shell staff in a bid to make them question the company's actions.
She told supporters her rendition of Dinah Washington's This Bitter Earth was aimed at Shell staff in an attempt to make them question the company's actions.
Hoping to strike a chord with listeners, she'll be singing This Bitter Earth , a '60s tune by blues singer Dinah Washington which Church calls "one of the most poignant, heartfelt and heartbreaking songs I've ever heard".
It tastes of bitter earth - though the last time I ate some was 20 years ago.
In the song "This Bitter Earth," lyricist Dinah Washington writes:
If Alison the Good doesn't get her sentence lifted, there's no justice on this bitter earth.
From the classic "What A Difference A Day Makes" to the moody "This Bitter Earth" to the sultry "Destination Moon" and the sassy "Baby (You've Got What It Takes)," Cox excels as she takes listeners into another era and genre while engaging the emotions.
McFadden (Sugar, Plume, 2001 and This Bitter Earth, Plume, 2002) have sat in on meetings.