Bitterroot Range

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Bit·ter·root Range

 (bĭt′ər-ro͞ot′, -ro͝ot′)
A rugged chain of the Rocky Mountains along the Idaho-Montana border, rising to over 3,460 m (11,360 ft). The Bitterroot River rises in the central part of the range and flows about 135 km (85 mi) northward to the Clark Fork River near Missoula, Montana.
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Bit′terroot Range`

a mountain range between Idaho and Montana, a part of the Rocky Mountains: highest peak, 11,393 ft. (3473 m).
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The agency also identified the Bitterroot Range and North Cascades as possible recovery zones.
On the other side of the buffering spine of the Bitterroot Range, people were waking up to alarm clocks, driving to work with mugs of coffee sloshing between their legs.
The Bitterroot Range is part of the Appalachian Mountains.
This passageway preserves one of the few remaining routes between grizzly populations in the Glacier area and the Bitterroot Range in the west, a crucial expanse of habitat for the endangered bear.
The chief was her brother, and he provided the party with guides and horses for crossing the Bitterroot Range.
Now that lift can be a visitor's ticket to the new Silver Mountain Ice Skating Center, an outdoor rink in a mountain meadow outside the Mountain Haus Lodge, with views of the northern Bitterroot Range and Cabinet Mountains.