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 (ä′chē-ō′tē, -tĕ)

[American Spanish, from Nahuatl achiotl.]


(ˌætʃɪˈəʊtɪ; ˌætʃɪˈəʊteɪ)
(Plants) another name for annatto
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We hope the library will be open on Friday," UCT vice chancellor Max Price and Nehawu chairperson Mzomhle Bixa said in a joint statement.
It is the seed of the tropical bush Bixa Orellana -- known as the lipstick tree -- which is a plant native to Central and South America.
Analgesic and hypoglycemic activities of Bixa orellana, Kyllinga monocephala and Luffa acutangula.
Even the Maya used the seeds of the tropical Bixa orellana tree for colouring and dying.
A total of 250 aid packages containing staple food items were delivered to the people in need with the help of a Turkish school teacher, Nicolas Bixa.
Annatto, a carotenoid, is extracted from the seeds of Bixa orellana trees grown in tropical regions on several continents.
parvula has been recorded from Bixa Orellana, Eugenia braziliensis, Mangifera indica, Mussa sp.
Urucum, or Bixa orellana, is best known as the source of the natural pigment annatto, produced from the fruit.
Antimicrobial activity of crude extracts from plant parts and corresponding calli of Bixa orellana L.
The protective function of ants visiting the extrafloral nectaries of Bixa orellana (Bixaceae).
Among the 85 plant species observed to be used by the Kavirajes, only two, namely, Bixa orellana and Dracaena spicata, had ethnoveterinary applications, being used, respectively, for treatment of plague in cows or buffaloes or rheumatism in cattle.