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(bɪˈzɜːtə; French bizɛrt) or


(Placename) a port in N Tunisia, on the Mediterranean at the canalized outlet of Lake Bizerte. Pop: 118 000 (2005 est)


(bɪˈzɜr tə, -ti, -ˈzɛərt)

also Bi•zer•ta


a seaport in N Tunisia. 94,509.
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The use of acetylcholinesterase activity in Ruditapes decussatus and Mytilus galloprovincialis in the biomonitoring of Bizerta lagoon.
Moreover, 400 kundas were removed in the locality of Lines Area, Bizerta Lane and Clayton Road.
He saw action at Bizerta, Sicily, Anzio and Salerno and later landed allied troops on the South coast of France and was mentioned in despatches twice where his quick thinking and subsequent actions averted potential disasters.
Bizerta and Susa suggesting that business activities in those port towns were significant with many US ships calling to the ports and the volume of tonnage and freight large enough to require an agent to take care of them.
Aceptado y jurado Barbarroja como Rey de Tunez, en perjuicio de Muley Asan que ofrecia sus servicios al Emperador, rapidamente se sumaron al mismo las ciudades de Bujia, Bizerta, Mahometa, Sousa, Monasterio, Caliba, los Alfaques y los Gelbes, dandole su obediencia.
The nearby Bizerta Resort has a large, inviting infinity pool that looks out towards Europe over that beguiling, blue sea and has become the home of a delightful band of swallows who swoop at impossible angles over the water to pick off virtually invisible flies hovering over its restful surface.
Summary: The delegation of Sejnene, Governorate of Bizerta, was included among pilot regions involved in the project to develop irrigation perimeters in the north of Tunisia.
We boarded our landing craft in Bizerta and sailed northwards to Salerno.