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haze 1

a. Atmospheric moisture, dust, smoke, and vapor that diminishes visibility.
b. A partially opaque covering: Let the polish dry to a haze before buffing it.
2. A vague or confused state of mind.
intr.v. hazed, haz·ing, haz·es
To become misty or hazy; blur.

[Probably back-formation from hazy.]

haze 2

tr.v. hazed, haz·ing, haz·es
1. To persecute or harass with meaningless, difficult, or humiliating tasks.
2. To initiate, as into a college fraternity, by exacting humiliating performances from or playing rough practical jokes upon.

[Perhaps from obsolete haze, to frighten, from obsolete French haser, to annoy, from Old French.]

haz′er n.
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(Education) chiefly US and Canadian the bullying of a student in school
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grov mobning
şaka olarak uygunsuz işler yaptırma


[ˈheɪzɪŋ] N (US) → novatadas fpl SORORITY/FRATERNITY
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(heiz) verb
(American) to play tricks on new college students, army recruits etc or make them perform humiliating tasks.
hazing noun
the initiaition of newcomers. The army now forbids the hazing of new recruits.
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