giant cockroach

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Noun1.giant cockroach - large tropical American cockroaches
cockroach, roach - any of numerous chiefly nocturnal insects; some are domestic pests
Blaberus, genus Blaberus - giant cockroaches
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al igual que la familia Mirmeliontidae y Spirobolidae; las familias Blaberidae, Micropezidae y Reduviidae se encontraron unicamente en la zona C.
The Blattellidae is the dominant family in the study area and is represented by 3 species, while the Blattelidae and Blaberidae are represented by 2 and 1 species, respectively.
In general, the hemolymph of our largely resistant taxon, the Blaberidae, exhibits a milky appearance and is prone to rapid melanization, which may indicate particularly labile hemocytes (Lackie, pers.