Black African

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Noun1.Black African - an African who is BlackBlack African - an African who is Black    
African - a native or inhabitant of Africa
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Mandla Maseko, a South African man who had won the opportunity to become the first black African to go into space, has died in a motorcycle crash.
As the debate developed, the professor was told almost in the tone of a reprimand that the right of a black African to migrate to an urban space was almost sacrosanct, coming as it did as a repudiation of the now defunct apartheid (and before) era Influx Control Law (1923) that strictly regulated (largely male) African movement to and within the cities.
[8] Melanoma is more common in fair than dark individuals, but does occur in black Africans. Since the black African group is the largest in SA, melanoma in this group has significant public health implications.
Chapter 7 claims that people of black African descent resist racial revenge against people of other racial groups.
Alessandro de' Medici is often portrayed in contemporary works as a European Renaissance figure of black African descent, a conception highlighted by the book's title.
One thing is for sure, black African players have been consistently under-acclaimed for some time.
And then I look back and my mum's mum, my grandmother, was married to an Indian trader and she is from a black African family and then her mother, again, was married to an Indian trader.
While 25 percent of black African and 22 percent of black Caribbean breast cancer patients were found to be in the late-stage of the disease, the figure stood at 13 percent for white women.
Mrs Iwobi said: "Our position is very clear, especially for people of black African or black African-Caribbean heritage.
Both men were of black African appearance and aged about 25.
The batsman became the first black African to score a Test century on day four of the second Test against England as his efforts - and Hashim Amla's 201 - effectively ended the tourists' hopes of victory.