Black Maria

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Black Ma·ri·a

A patrol wagon.

[Origin unknown.]

Black Maria

(Law) a police van for transporting prisoners

pad′dy wag`on

an enclosed truck used by the police to transport prisoners.
[1925–30; probably paddy policeman, generic use of Paddy]
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Noun1.Black Maria - van used by police to transport prisonersblack Maria - van used by police to transport prisoners
van - a truck with an enclosed cargo space
2.Black Maria - a form of whist in which players avoid winning tricks containing hearts or the queen of spadesBlack Maria - a form of whist in which players avoid winning tricks containing hearts or the queen of spades
long whist, short whist, whist - a card game for four players who form two partnerships; a pack of 52 cards is dealt and each side scores one point for each trick it takes in excess of six
سَيّارةٌ لِنَقْلِ المَسْجونين
policejní anton
Svarta María, lögreglubíll
zelený Anton
hapishane arabası

Black Maria

n(furgone m) cellulare


(blӕk) adjective
1. of the colour in which these words are printed. black paint.
2. without light. a black night; The night was black and starless.
3. dirty. Your hands are black!; black hands from lifting coal.
4. without milk. black coffee.
5. evil. black magic.
6. (often offensive. currently acceptable in the United States, South Africa etc) Negro, of African, West Indian descent.
7. (especially South Africa) coloured; of mixed descent (increasingly used by people of mixed descent to refer to themselves).
1. the colour in which these words are printed. Black and white are opposites.
2. something (eg paint) black in colour. I've used up all the black.
3. (often with capital. often offensive: currently acceptable in the United states, South Africa etc) a Negro; a person of African, West Indian etc descent.
to make black.
ˈblackness noun
ˈblacken verb
1. to make or become black. The sky blackened before the storm.
2. to make to seem bad. She blackened his character.
3. to clean with black polish. He blackened his boots.
black art/magic
magic performed for evil reasons. He tries to practise black magic.
ˈblackbird noun
a dark-coloured bird of the thrush family.
ˈblackboard noun
a dark-coloured board for writing on in chalk (used especially in schools).
black box
a built-in machine for automatic recording of the details of a plane's flight. They found the black box two miles away from the wreckage of the crashed plane.
the Black Death noun
the plague that killed large numbers of people in Europe in the 14th to 18th centuries.
black eye
an eye with bad bruising around it (eg from a punch). George gave me a black eye.
ˈblackhead noun
a small black-topped lump in a pore of the skin, especially of the face.
ˈblacklist noun
a list of people who are out of favour etc.
to put (a person etc) on such a list.
ˈblackmail verb
to obtain money illegally from (a person), usually by threatening to make known something which the victim wants to keep secret.
the act of blackmailing. money got by blackmail.
ˈblackmailer noun
Black Maria (məˈraiə)
a prison van. The policeman took the three suspects to the police station in a Black Maria.
black market
(a place for) the illegal buying and selling, at high prices, of goods that are scarce, rationed etc. coffee on the black market.
black marketeer
a person who sells goods on the black market.
ˈblackout noun
1. a period of darkness produced by putting out all lights. Accidents increase during a blackout.
2. a ban (on news etc). a blackout of news about the coup.
3. a period of unconsciousness. He has had several blackouts during his illness.
4. a brief, temporary loss of memory, as when an actor forgets his/her lines.
5. (also outage) a period of a general power failure.
6. (in the theatre) the putting out of the stage lights at the end of a scene etc.
black sheep
a member of a family or group who is unsatisfactory in some way. My brother is the black sheep of the family.
ˈblacksmith noun
a person who makes and repairs by hand things made of iron. The blacksmith made a new shoe for the horse.
black and blue
badly bruised. After the fight the boy was all black and blue.
black out
to lose consciousness. He blacked out for almost a minute.
in black and white
in writing or print. Would you put that down in black and white?
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Small and independent cinemas are thriving this year with Cinema '76, FDCP's Cinematheque Center, Black Maria Cinema, and Cinema Centenario.
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There were police everywhere, a Black Maria, and they stripped the place," the mum-of-two and grandmother-of-three said.
The Black Maria, the third poetry collection by award-winning poet Aracelis Girmay, explores the concept of blackness through space and time.
The 18 second long clip - which you can see on YouTube - was directed by William Heise for Thomas Edison who was working at the Black Maria studios in New Jersey.
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A one-Y ayah is a verse of the Koran, renowned, A two-Y Ayyah in 1 Chronicles 7:28 is found, But I'll bet a Black Maria you never saw a three-Y ayyyah.
At her side, covering the trial for the New York Journal American, was Texas Guinan, Mae's friend and a frequent passenger in the police department's Black Maria herself.
En commentaire a son projet Black Maria (5), constitue de deux sequences d'images photographiques projetees en parallele et dont les epoques, les lieux et les regards different, David Tomas avance une reflexion a propos des oeuvres sur ecran double.