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n, pl -feln (-fəln)
(Historical Terms) See SS


(ˈʃʊtsˌʃtɑ fəl)

German. an elite military unit of the Nazi Party that served as Hitler's bodyguard and as a special police force. Abbr.: SS
[literally, defense echelon]
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Noun1.Schutzstaffel - special police force in Nazi Germany founded as a personal bodyguard for Adolf Hitler in 1925; the SS administered the concentration camps
constabulary, police, police force, law - the force of policemen and officers; "the law came looking for him"
Gestapo - the secret state police in Nazi Germany; known for its terrorist methods
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6 Each person who completes a Team AKOBE Marathon recorded by David receives a black medal, free of charge.
Professor Geoffrey Kirk is a Fellow of the Institution, recipient of the Gerald Frewer Memorial Trophy, a Royal Designer for Industry, Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, Visiting Professor at Nottingham University, recipient of the Prince Philip Designers Prize, a Rolls-Royce Fellow, recipient of the Sir Misha Black medal, Honorary Fellow at Queen Mary University of London and the IED's Immediate Past President.