Black Hamburg

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Black Ham´burg

1.A sweet and juicy variety of European grape, of a dark purplish black color, much grown under glass in northern latitudes.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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* Quady Winery 2015 "Elysium" Black Muscat (California; $25).
Isolation and purification by successive subcultures made after collection of yeasts in September 2014 from the Black Muscat grapes grown in the El Maleh area (Wilaya of Ain Temouchent).
It also arrived with a glass of Elysium, the black muscat from Andrew Quady, which makes me go wow when combined with almost anything sweet.
Half bottle of Californian Elysium Black Muscat completed the heavenly picture.
2010 Grand Estates Moscato is an off-dry white wine comprised from several Muscat grape varieties (75% Muscat Canelli, 15% Morio-Muskat, 10% Black Muscat).
The Ellise Black Muscat, a 2002 from California (pounds 6.50) and a 2003 Taylors LBU Bottled Port (pounds 5.50).
. Manorhaus, Well Street, Ruthin (, 01824 704830) the bill 3 course meal pounds 29.50 2 course meal pounds 23.50 glass ros pounds 3.50 glass shiraz pounds 4.20 glass black muscat pounds 5.95 coffee pounds 2.95 total pounds 69.60 the facts open daily 6.30pm-9pm parking nearby disabled access steps between floor levels service friendly and efficient overall great for a special night out
They're lovely with a Californian black muscat, which is our best-selling wine by the glass.
One wine after another is eliminated by a show of hands, and in the end we are given the unenviable task of picking the best of show from a Pinot gris, a red Meritage, a late-harvest ice wine, a black Muscat and a sweet red vermouth that breezed into the final round by topping a field of one.
It's a corker of a lightly fortified Californian sweetie from Black Muscat grape.
Torres of Penedes in Spain make their superb Moscatel D'Oro; Brown Bros Late Harvest Orange Muscat from Australia is a classic; in California Bonterra made an exceptional late harvest Muscat; and Qady have their superb Elysium Black Muscat.
Alternatively a half bottle of Elysium Black Muscat, Andrew Quady is pounds 7.15 a half bottle.