Black Plague

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Noun1.Black Plague - the epidemic form of bubonic plague experienced during the Middle Ages when it killed nearly half the people of western EuropeBlack Plague - the epidemic form of bubonic plague experienced during the Middle Ages when it killed nearly half the people of western Europe
bubonic plague, glandular plague, pestis bubonica - the most common form of the plague in humans; characterized by chills, prostration, delirium and the formation of buboes in the armpits and groin; does not spread from person to person
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I carry good luck with me, vicomte," said he to Raoul; "wish for something while drinking out of my glass, and may the black plague grab me if what you wish does not come to pass!" He held the goblet to Raoul, who hastily moistened his lips, and replied with the same promptitude:
In the aftermath of the Black Plague in the mid 1300s when Europe lost about one-third of its population, unemployment went to virtually zero.
The Catholic Church listed him as one of the 14 Holy Helpers, the saints who were invoked together during the Black Plague which ravaged Europe from 1346 to 1349.
For more than two millennia ndash 2,000 years ndash the Catholic Church has faced and surmounted numerous challenges from persecution to religious wars, from poverty to excessive materialism, from heresies to Marxism, from the printing press to the Internet, from the Black Plague to AIDS, from paganism to atheism.
Anglers call this the 'black plague' and in recent years have demanded that action should be taken to reduce their numbers.
In the middle of the 14th century, our town became infected with the dreaded Black Plague. The disease ravaged the population by half, leaving only an estimated 500 survivors.
And how long would you be off work if you had the Black Plague? If you're not familiar with Cunk from her appearances on Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe, she is the hilariously deadpan alter ego of comedian and Motherland star Diane Morgan.
The monastery's numbers had been depleted by the black plague, and the final straw came when the remaining few brothers were evicted from their abbey during King Henry VIII's dissolution of the monasteries.
They find a stagnant Humanity decimated by the black plague. They also find humpback whales, singers of the most powerful and addictive songs they have ever encountered.
This exciting second book in A Blackthorn Key Adventure series begins as the black plague returns to London.
Just 24 minutes into his address, the Palestinian president veered into explicit anti-Semitism, telling the assembled European dignitaries that "only a week ago, a number of rabbis in Israel announced, and made a clear announcement, demanding that their government poison the water to kill the Palestinians." As Reuters reported, this "appeared to be an invocation of a widely debunked media report that recalled a medieval anti-Semitic libel." Jews were accused throughout the Middle Ages of poisoning Europe's wells, most notoriously during the Black Plague. Such slanders invariably led to the slaughter of Jews, and have resurfaced through the centuries to the present day.
Because, really, it could be MERS (although I don't know what the symptoms are), or the swine flu or maybe the black plague. Better to be safe than sorry.