Black Rock Desert

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Noun1.Black Rock Desert - a desert in northwestern NevadaBlack Rock Desert - a desert in northwestern Nevada  
Battle Born State, Nevada, NV, Sagebrush State, Silver State - a state in the southwestern United States
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The US-1 crossed the Black Rock Desert using a mission profile that avoided restricted wilderness areas and preparations for the annual Burning Man celebration.
The next morning I departed with my partner and friends for Black Rock City, the otherworldly Burning Man metropolis in the middle of Black Rock Desert, Nevada.
Andy Green is the current record holder, achieving the 763mph in Thrust SSC at Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA, in 1997.
Burning Man, held annually at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, asks participants to dedicate themselves to the spirit of community, art, selfexpression and selfreliance.
ThrustSSC, powered by two Rolls-Royce turbofan engines, set the current record in 1997 by exceeding the speed of sound in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.
Music production artists Matt Madonna and Ryan Anderson found their roots and their inspiration in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada.
Just carry yourself--the real self--into Nevada's Black Rock Desert. Wait.
The Man burns during the Burning Man 2013 arts and music festival in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada, US, on August 31.
He is going to the Burning Man festival in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada with former Corrie colleague Ryan Thomas, who plays Jason Grimshaw, and a group of pals.
If 50,000 people spending a week in the middle of Nevada's Black Rock Desert for Burning Man isn't impressive enough, consider Kumbh Mela, the 48-day Hindu religious festival held once every 12 years in northern India.