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Noun1.Nigella sativa - herb of the Mediterranean region having pungent seeds used like those of carawayNigella sativa - herb of the Mediterranean region having pungent seeds used like those of caraway
nigella - any plant of the genus Nigella
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Considering the established impact of lead as pollutant on human and animal health, the present study was initiated to investigate the potential use of corn oil, flaxseed oil and black seed oil to cure histological testicular damage induced by lead acetate in albino mice.
In this study, antiviral effect of black seed oil (BSO) from Nigella sativa was investigated using murine cytomegalovirus (MCMV) as a model.
Black seed cumin contains phosphates, iron, and carbohydrate compounds together with antibiotics, which are capable of killing germs.
Within the framework of the event, the US audience had the opportunity to see the works of Zaneta Vangeli, Tome Adzievski, Reshat Ahmeti, Jovan Sumkovski, Antoni Maznevski and Blagoja Maznevski, and also to see, within the framework of the Macedonian film festival, the films "I Am From Titov Veles", "Contact", "The Big Water", "Bal-kan-kan", "Dust", "Happy New Year, 1949", "Black Seed", "Illusion" and "Upside Down".
It's not that we want to be the first ones to yell "placebo", but we have to question how these guys come up with "unique products to satisfy customer demand." Products mentioned in the article include Bin Ahmed brand of tea, V Men's Elexir, Al Raheeq Honey and Black seed, and breast enlargement soaps.
According to tradition, Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) described black seed as a cure for every disease except death.
Their research is being conducted on a commercial variety of chia called Salba, developed to produce white rather than the original black seed and a more reliable omega-3 content.
Negro Vizcaya has a medium-sized black seed that averages 28.7 g 100 [seed.sup.-1] (ranging from 25 to 34 g 100 [seed.sup.-1]).
The oilseed type of sunflower is a black seed which is processed into sunflower oil and meal.
Its pea-like blossoms are followed by handsome black seed pods you can use in dried arrangements.
Contract awarded for Myanmar black seed materials locally installed and operated