Black Spanish

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1.One of an old and well-known Mediterranean breed of domestic fowls with glossy black plumage, blue legs and feet, bright red comb and wattles, and white face. They are remarkable as egg layers.
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But no more innocently clerical conversation could have been heard in any white Italian cloister or black Spanish cathedral.
Dry Comal Creek Winery produces wines including a unique pioneering Black Spanish (Lenoir) suite of award-wining wines.
18) On the phenomenon of "Habla de negros;' see John Beusterien, "Talking Black in Spanish: An Unfinished Black Spanish Glossary;' Bulletin of the Comediantes 51, no.
A black Spanish teacher at a bilingual school in New York claims she was fired recently after using the word "negro.
Look for one of the lo or so breeds defined as "heritage/' including Black Spanish, Blue Slate, Bourbon Red, Jersey Buff, Narragansett, Royal Palm, Standard Bronze, and White Holland.
Particularly, the study of Black Spanish varieties includes linguistic as well as historical, ethnological, socio-cultural, and pedagogical approaches, to cite only a few".
Autumn and winter radishes: Black Spanish Round - good for cooler areas and stores well; White Icicle - long white roots for cooking or grating into winter salads; Mantanghong - Chinese red fleshed winter radish - sweet nutty flavour.
Good winter varieties include Black Spanish Round, China Rose and Mantanghong, which grows to the size of a tennis ball and has a nutty flavour.
It was last September that Sainsbury's began selling purple carrots - and earlier this year they introduced black Spanish tomatoes.
Big black Spanish radishes are another fine winter vegetable.
Dry Comal Creek Vineyards and Winery - Award-winning "Texas Style Wines," Texas pioneer on Black Spanish wines.