Black Volta

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Black Vol·ta

 (vōl′tə, vŏl′-, vôl′-)
A river of western Africa rising in western Burkina Faso and flowing about 1,160 km (720 mi) to the White Volta in Ghana.

Black Volta

(Placename) a river in W Africa, rising in SW Burkina Faso and flowing northeast, then south into Lake Volta: forms part of the border of Ghana with Burkina-Faso and with Côte d'Ivoire. Length: about 800 km (500 miles)

Black′ Vol′ta

a river in W Africa, in Ghana: the upper branch of the Volta River. ab. 500 mi. (800 km) long.
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Gene and Randal got to fish in the Black Volta River in the country of Cote d'lvoire, in West Africa.
Bagre Dam is located on the White Volta river that begins in Burkina Faso and which converges with the Black Volta downstream and feeds into Lake Volta in southern Ghana.
One nephew explained that, as the deputy to the Bole/Bamboi landlord, who like all travelers, rode over the cattle, which are caught on camera drinking from the Black Volta at the bridge separating the south from the north, to take residence at the House built to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of this society, the deceased has to be escorted home by the military.
Aziz and Obuobie [33] looked at trend analysis in observed (1981-2010) and projected (2051-2075 and 2076-2100 under the IPCC Representative Concentration Pathways RCP4.5 and RCP8.5) precipitation and mean temperature over the Black Volta Basin using RCMs.
We went down the Black Volta River inside a wooden pirogue and we were quite lucky to run into hippos that pass their time there!
Direct discharge of slimes and effluents into Black Volta, results in siltation of this water body of international significance.
In Ghana, a project is benefiting from a new methodology for discharge measurement of the Black Volta River developed by a research group from Kobe University under a research project called "Enhancing Resilience to Climate and Ecosystem Changes in Semi-Arid Africa: An Integrated Approach (CECAR-Africa)", funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).
The basin is drained by the River Volta and its four main tributaries: the Black Volta, the White Volta with the Red Volta as its tributary, the Lower Volta, and the Oti.
After an all-night trip, we arrived the next morning at our destination, Kete-Krachi, which means "island of the gods." Kete-Krachi is 195 km (120 mi) up the lake at the tip of a large peninsula where the lake splits into the White Volta and Black Volta branches.
It was towards the end of the 16th century that Gonja was founded near the confluence of the White and Black Volta by a group of Mandes who, according to Goody, had lived in the region of Banda where they had adopted the Guan language.