Black angel

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(Zool.) a fish of the West Indies and Florida (Holacanthus tricolor), with the head and tail yellow, and the middle of the body black.

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A hundred black faces turned round in their rows to peer; and beyond, a black Angel of Doom was beating a book in a pulpit.
Photographer: Melanie Smith Claud Cunningham, Co-Founder, Promoter and DJ at Black Angel "Growing up in a sea full of unrepresentative faces, out stood Grace Jones.
You Won't Know I'm Gone: The Black Angel Chronicles, Book 2.
A Black Beauty B Black Bess C Black Wind D Black Angel 8.
Marcus Garvey, "the black angel of success," had offered a proven blueprint for the redemption of Africans at home and abroad.
Black Angel is fermented with house yeast and then moved into stripped Four Roses whiskey barrels and aged on tart cherries, sweet cherries and Italian plums.
Dishes on the new menu feature starters such as posh garlic mushroom on toast, while mains include black angel spaghetti, honeycomb cannelloni three ways, baked salmon, and 30-day matured prime rib with truffle butter.
The deal has been signed to finance the capital expenditure and development costs of the Nalunaq gold mine and Black Angel zinc/lead mine in Greenland.
cabin and saw the huge black angel bathing, hard pewter-colored pieces
Before he knows it, Parker is back on the path he trod in The Black Angel, a twisting route where little is as it seems, and where there appears to be supernatural purpose in his stride.
She is being painted as a devil woman, a black angel, whatever the hell you want to call it and she is none of those things," he said.
Mining company Angus & Ross is exploring the Black Angel mine in west Greenland.