Black beast

See Bête noire.

See also: Black

References in classic literature ?
ye blasted black beast! tell me ye don't think it right to do what I tell ye!
The cashier was Martin's black beast, and his temper was a trifle short where the talker of platitudes was concerned.
there stood a foul thing, a great, black beast, shaped
Afterwards came our terrible journey back to the Coast, when I carried the poor old chap on my back day by day, and stood over him at night potting those black beasts when they crept up too close - for they were on our track all the time.
The big black beast (Black Sapphire) I was driving came with individual ivory white merino leather seats and an aluminium tetragon trim - a kind of white carbon fibre look outlined in polished chrome.
Part of collection Black Beast Wanderer' painted by Joseph Denovan Adam (1841-1896) who taught animal art at his studio at Craigmill, near Cambuskenneth
"The Black Beast" competed this weekend at UFC 229 where he came away with an incredible comeback knockout win over Alexander Volkov with just seconds to go in the final round.
In Spain, they refer to the German giants as the "Bestia Negra" -- the Black Beast.
Set in late-Victorian London, Holmes and Watson leave 221B Baker Street to investigate the mysterious death of Sir Charles Baskerville and a sighting of a "black beast" on the moors.
Hunt will face Derrick 'The Black Beast' Lewis on Saturday (Sunday in Manila) in the UFC Fight Night in Australia.
Being a fan of speed and thrill, I got excited when I saw this black beast zoom past me.
The sleek, black beast vanished amid long grass after startling the 32-yer-old woman and her teenage daughter.