Black beast

See Bête noire.

See also: Black

References in classic literature ?
The cashier was Martin's black beast, and his temper was a trifle short where the talker of platitudes was concerned.
there stood a foul thing, a great, black beast, shaped
Afterwards came our terrible journey back to the Coast, when I carried the poor old chap on my back day by day, and stood over him at night potting those black beasts when they crept up too close - for they were on our track all the time.
Being a fan of speed and thrill, I got excited when I saw this black beast zoom past me.
The sleek, black beast vanished amid long grass after startling the 32-yer-old woman and her teenage daughter.
But all is not what it seems as concerns arise about a mysterious black beast which allegedly feeds on local farm stock as well as the odd stray hiker.
Painter and decorator Brian Rotheray, 30, was walking his own sizeable animal - Duke the doberman pinscher - when he saw a black beast lurking on a field before him.
What did the mysterious black beast of Eston Hills turn out to be?
I'll never know for sure if that black beast was charging or simply took the wrong path in its haste to escape.
And then there are the animals--Chadwick's Black Beast frightens, Michael Cooper's Tortoise charms and we smile at finding a number of dodos.
The jet black beast - which was described as at least six foot long - was seen hunting for food in fields behind the Aldi supermarket on the A5 between Nuneaton and Hinckley.
Like the bull, the black boy is prepared for this slaughter, and like the matador, the police officer doing the killing is often presented as the hero putting his life on the line to save us from the black beast.