Black chalk

a mineral of a bluish color, of a slaty texture, and soiling the fingers when handled; a variety of argillaceous slate.

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They were willing and ready to retrace their steps, when, in crossing the suburb which leads to the gates of the town, upon a white wall which was at the corner of a street turning around the rampart, Athos cast his eyes upon a drawing in black chalk, which represented, with the awkwardness of a first attempt, two cavaliers riding furiously; one of them carried a roll of paper on which were written these words: "They are following us.
Yates's cult hit Black Chalk introduced that rare writerly talent: a literary author who could create a plot with the intricacy of a brilliant mental puzzle, and with characters so absorbing that listeners are immediately gripped.
His black chalk portrait of Quaratesi, who was 37 years his junior, as a somber dreamboat with plush lips and faraway eyes is an eye-stopper.
With the traditional graphic technics black chalk, pencil, watercolors, and gouache the artists were solving new esthetic problems occurring at the turn of the 19th and 20th century.
Some speculate that this black chalk sketch of an older man trudging forward represents Goya's unwavering desire for continued personal development.
One of dozens of entrants who braved the heat to take part in the third annual festival in downtown Springfield, Levy carefully shaded in parts of a seafaring duck with brown and black chalk, hoping to take one of the event's top cash prizes.
In addition, she surmises from Baccio s black chalk drawings that becco, the Italian for goat and cuckold, also refers to a bird's beak as a 'pecker'.
1862-65 pencil, black chalk, and wash on paper Collection of Phoenix Art Museum
Using black chalk heightened with white on grey-brown paper, this remarkable man drew from Michelangelo's sculptures made in the Renaissance for the Medici Tombs in Rome.
The walls are black chalk boards with the restaurant's special menu on it and right in front of you is a large orange statement sofa, while next to it is the door that takes you to the outdoor area.
A floor-to-ceiling black chalk board wall behind a heavy wooden desk in the lobby serves as both a conversation piece and an idea incubator.