Black grass

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(Bot.) a grasslike rush of the species Juncus Gerardi, growing on salt marshes, and making good hay.
a kind of small rush (Juncus Gerardi), growing in salt marshes, used for making salt hay.

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Tenders are invited for Supply of Plant material : cold season turf seed,selection NO 01 grass seed,vidolia black grass,Captimia plants,Lavender plants etc
At a farm-level view, the area of grassland could be set to increase as arable farmers use it as a method of controlling black grass.
For example, do you need it to map the advance of black grass or to point out areas of water stress?
We didn't consult a psychologist, unlike the parents in a story we'd heard about a first-grader who used colored crayons to draw pictures of black skies, black mountains, black rivers, black grass and black houses.
Rob highlighted recent problems with black grass - an invasive weed which can wreck farmers' crops - as one area which could benefit from shared practice.
David Hill, Arable Farmer: "We have been dealing with weeds becoming resistant to herbicides for years, particularly black grass in the wheat crop.
White tulips, forget-me-nots and bellis daisies make great bed mates for the fresh foliage of variegated hostas or the trendy black grass ophiopogon nigrescens.
A patch of black grass near the monkey cage shows where a rocket-propelled grenade struck, and a turtle cage is cracked by gunfire.
wanting to die, the invisible black grass jeering her headily on, the