Black lemur

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(Zool.) the Lemurniger of Madagascar; the acoumbo of the natives.

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CFive endangered ring-tailed lemur babies - including two sets of twins - and the zoo's first ever baby black lemur, have taken their first breaths in the zoo's new Madagascar habitat.
Five endangered ring-tailed lemurs are among the new arrivals at Chester Zoo, as well as one rare black lemur - the first to be born there.
The zoo's black lemur family is settling into a newly-built home offering visitors a superb view of the critically endangered creatures.
They also responded with increased vigilance to the aerial alarm calls of the blue-eyed black lemur, scanning towards the sky but never the ground which suggests they classified the alarm call correctly.
The top ten list also includes ploughshare tortoises and the blue-eyed black lemur, both from Madagascar.
THE SPECIES MOST RELIANT ON ZOOS FOR SURVIVAL Mountain chicken frog, from Dominica and Monserrat, critically endangered; White-clawed crayfish, from countries including Britain, endangered; Blue-crowned laughing thrush, from China, critically endangered; Amur leopard, from China, Russia and Korea, critically endangered; Potosi pupfish, from Mexico, extinct in the wild; Polynesian tree snail; from French Polynesia, extinct in the wild; Verdcourt's polyalthia tree, from Tanzania, endangered; Blue-eyed black lemur, from Madagascar, critically endangered; Ploughshare tortoise, from Madagascar, critically endangered; Scimitar-horned oryx, from Tunisia, Morocco and Senegal, extinct in the wild.
FOUND only in north-western Madagascar, the blue-eyed black lemur (also called the Sclater's lemur) is critically endangered due to large-scale habitat loss and hunting.
"Prior to this, virtually nothing was known about wild black femurs, except that they inhabited a small area of lowland tropical rainforest in northwest Madagascar." Recognising the need to study these animals further in order to plan for their conservation, she returned in 1991 to set up the Black Lemur Forest Project.
Richard, who took over the black lemur studbook from zoo director ZOO Derek Grove over a year ago, said: "It was a very interesting course, which I found really useful.
The team from the University of Torino, Italy, studied three related species - the common brown lemur, the red-bellied lemur and the black lemur.
The top 10 list also includes ploughshare tortoises and the blue-eyed black lemur, both from Madagascar.
One species of lemur dance along on two legs as if in some jungle rave, a Slow Loris ambles lazily through the branches, and a Black Lemur smears a millipede's narcotic secretions over its fur to get stoned.