Black manganese

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(Chem.) the black oxide of manganese, MnO2.

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Windham barrels are chrome lined and machined from 4150 chrome moly vanadium steel, finished in black manganese phosphate, and rifled appropriately for the intended caliber.
Chinchorro hunter-gatherers invented the earliest known mummification procedures (mummy coated in black manganese shown here) about 7,000 years ago, when increased rainfall along South America's Pacific coast boosted the availability of freshwater and seafood, spurring a rise in population.
The last mining activity near Ilfeld ceased in 1922, but the simple statement of Peter Bancroft (1984) that "Manganite is synonymous with Ilfeld" remains true today: this is without doubt the world's best locality for crystal specimens of the black manganese hydroxide.
Until 1828, mineralogists customarily used the term "prismatoidal manganese ore" for manganite (Mohs, 1825; Haidinger, 1826)--considering it among other black manganese species including "pyramidal manganese ore" (hausmannite), "brachytypous manganese ore" (braunite), "prismatic manganese ore" (pyrolusite) and "uncleavable manganese ore" ("psilomelane," now discredited in favor of cryptomelane).
Researchers discovered black manganese pigments in Neanderthal settlements that may have been used to create body decorations - and art is communication and that implies the ability to talk, according to researchers.
The sight's components are solid billet 6061 T6 aluminum, type III hard-anodized matte black and matte black manganese phosphate.
Murray Garner has an ability to capture the naturally occurring phenomenon of sparkling turquoise waters with his alkaline glazes, contrasting colour against a black manganese glaze.
These paintings of animals are usually found deep inside the cave, and are either linear engravings, made with stone tools, or elaborate paintings using iron oxide (to produce a range of colours from yellow to deep maroon) or black manganese dioxide.
Final accoutrements include a comfortable Ergo Grip featuring non-slip pebbling, finger grooves and a thumb rest; all steel surfaces coated with black manganese phosphate; and premium Mil-Spec bolt and bolt carrier.
Bayferrox 303T iron oxide pigment is a black manganese ferrite and demonstrates improved temperature stability.
Before firing, black manganese or iron oxide paint was brushed on to highlight facial details or the hieroglyphic signs impressed on many faience pieces.
It is based on a hard-anodized, CNC-machined, 7075 T-6 forged aluminum flattop receiver; all steel exteriors are covered with black manganese phosphate; an Ergo Grip rides beneath the receiver; and an anodized aluminum hand guard extends from the receiver out 7 1/2 inches, without contacting the free-floating barrel.