Black martin

(Zool.) the chimney swift. See Swift.

See also: Black

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For once, the finger of blame pointed not at the Black Cats' back four but at the blundering man in black Martin Atkinson.
Clad in a gray shirt with a black Martin Margiela bib and Helmut Lang pants, she shows us some 20 canvases that recall her trip to Tibet.
As the novel opens, Kelly, now in his 30s, meets the financially successful, black Martin on a Baltimore street and becomes, shall we say, critically involved in the story.
Black Martin protests that he has never seen the list, he has never been to a cave, and his untidy handwriting is completely different from the neat one in the manual.
An abalone-inlaid acoustic guitar sold on the first day of the auction for 3107,467 and a Black Martin guitar sold on the last day for the same price.