black nationalism

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Black Nationalist

A member of a group of militant black people who urge separatism from white people and the establishment of self-governing black communities.

Black Nationalism n.

black′ na′tionalism

(often caps.)
a social and political movement advocating the separation of blacks and whites and self-government for black people.
black′ na′tionalist, n.
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There were zero killings in 2018 related to left-wing extremism (including anarchists and black nationalists).
Six people were killed and at least fifteen wounded as police battled black nationalists in the beginning of days of fierce rioting.
Horne spotlights the relationship between American Black Nationalists and Japan.
See how these white supremacist groups that far outnumber the Black Nationalists in this country and we don't hear a lot of these questions when it's being asked of what we deem is the white supremacist organizations.
Southern Black Nationalists are further distinguished by their flexibility regarding settlement location and investigated removal to various locations both inside and outside of the African continent.
Du Bois: Ireland loomed large in the imaginations of black nationalists throughout the empire.
But he called for reconciliation instead, a move that enraged many of the black nationalists.
The day began with a march by 10,000 students carrying banners and slogans, saying Down with Afrikaans and Viva Azania (the name given to South Africa by black nationalists).
They lectured Southern segregationists about the rule of law, and assured war protestors and black nationalists about imperatives of conscience that transcended the law.
Such a settlement - believed to mean talks with black nationalists considered moderate by Mr Smith - would lead to "very savage fighting" that could internationalise Rhodesia's guerrilla war, he said.
While many of these efforts have been successful, that success exists within the same capitalist governmental structures that Black Nationalists were fighting against and within forty years ago.
At a time when black nationalists and white conservatives were both maligned as extremists for opposing education reform, it was the wife of a fundamentalist preacher who objected to new language-arts textbooks featuring multiracial literature, sparking the yearlong conflict.