Black African

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Noun1.Black African - an African who is BlackBlack African - an African who is Black    
African - a native or inhabitant of Africa
kafir, kaffir - an offensive and insulting term for any Black African
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In this way he reached the country of the black people, where the storks took up their abode close to the capital.
Now, my father, all the people that I saw in the water were black people, and all those who were torn out of the reeds were black--they wee none of them white like your people, my father, for this vision was a vision of the Zulu race, who alone are "torn out of the reeds." Now, I saw that of those who swam in the river some passed over very quickly and some stood still, as it were, still in the water--as in life, my father, some die soon and some live for many years.
'By Jove, they are not black people. I can do all sorts of things with black people, of course.
Tell them that I am not an enemy, that my people are the friends of the black people and that they must let me go in peace."
Then, when we rid ourselves of prejudice, or racial feeling, and look facts in the face, we must acknowledge that, notwithstanding the cruelty and moral wrong of slavery, the ten million Negroes inhabiting this country, who themselves or whose ancestors went through the school of American slavery, are in a stronger and more hopeful condition, materially, intellectually, morally, and religiously, than is true of an equal number of black people in any other portion of the globe.
"The ways of black people are not as the ways of white men, Incubu, nor do we value life so highly.
The ancestors of these black people had been savages in Africa; and since then they had been chattel slaves, or had been held down by a community ruled by the traditions of slavery.
A horn tooted to the right, and I saw the black people run.
The very existence of free people of African descent in the US has, as WEB Du Bois famously laid out, made whites view Black people as "a problem", and imminent danger to white society.
Black people and those with darker skin tones can and do get skin cancer.
New York City's Commission on Human Rights is putting employers on notice that banning or restricting hairstyles that are associated with black people is a form of racial discrimination.
BLACK people are disproportionately likely to be on the receiving end of the use of force by the police.