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sam·bu·ca 1

 (săm-bo͞o′kə, säm-bo͞o′kä)
An ancient triangular stringed instrument.

[Greek sambūkē, from Aramaic sabbəkā, from səbak, to fasten, cling; see śbk in Semitic roots.]

sam·bu·ca 2

 (săm-bo͞o′kə, säm-bo͞o′kä)
An Italian liqueur with the flavor of anise.

[Italian, originally a trade name created by Italian liqueur producer Luigi Manzi (fl. 19th century) from Italian dialectal (Istria) sambuchelli, water carriers distributing water and anise liquor to laborers, from Italian sambuco, elderberry (probably from the traditional use of elder blossom syrup to flavor drinks) , from Latin sambūcus; perhaps akin to Dacian seba.]


1. (Instruments) Also called: sambuke an ancient Greek stringed instrument producing a shrill tone
2. (Historical Terms) Roman history an engine for storming city walls
3. (Military) Roman history an engine for storming city walls
[Latin sambuca, from Greek sambykē, probably an Asiatic word]


(Brewing) an Italian aniseed-flavoured liqueur
[Italian, from Latin sambucus elder tree ]
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Noun1.sambuca - an Italian liqueur made with elderberries and flavored with licorice
cordial, liqueur - strong highly flavored sweet liquor usually drunk after a meal
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"Everyone else would have the black sambuca but he would have a special blue one for himself.
"He told the officers he had just done a 10-shot challenge, which is five shots of white sambuca and five shots of black sambuca.
Well ridden by Tommie O'Brien, he stayed on well in the closing stages to keep Black Sambuca at bay by a couple of lengths.
vvGooglinga runner Black Sambuca 2.50 Sedgefield Sambuca is an Italian liqueur which comes in a range of colours, including black.