Black snake

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Black´ snake`

n.1.(Zool.) A snake of a black color, of which two species are common in the United States, the Bascanium constrictor, or racer, sometimes six feet long, and the Scotophis Alleghaniensis, seven or eight feet long.
References in classic literature ?
But as I sprang up to run, a big black snake glided between the men and went off towards the huts.
He stumbled on a few steps, a little black snake crept out of its bed of mud, and looked at him with yellow eyes protruding from its upraised head.
"Would you set a cloud to chase the wind?" returned the disappointed scout; "I heard the imp brushing over the dry leaves, like a black snake, and blinking a glimpse of him, just over ag'in yon big pine, I pulled as it might be on the scent; but 'twouldn't do!
Just as the fire had gotten well started a large black snake fully a yard and a half long dropped down the chimney and ran out on the floor.
But the only thing about him that could be fixed upon as remarkable was his staff, which bore the likeness of a great black snake, so curiously wrought that it might almost be seen to twist and wriggle itself like a living serpent.
The black snake of wounded vanity had been gnawing at his heart all night.
Adam was gathering the tools which he had been using--which, after the manner of all workmen, had been scattered about--when he noticed that several black snakes had crawled out from the heap of stones and were gathering round him.
Last year, however, a monster black snake left me frogless before I sent it on its way.
A ( photo from a couple of years ago appears to show a black snake in Australia eating its way out of a brown snake and making a hole large enough to escape from, in what sounds like the reptile version of a Hollywood action flick.
Phantom, the black snake that lives in the basement, may honor you with one of his chaos-inducing appearances.
A FATHER-of-three had a near hiss when he found a large black snake he feared was a deadly constricter in his back garden.
In Autumn of the Black Snake, the independent historian William Hogeland tells the story of that war.