Black tin

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(Mining) tin ore (cassiterite), when dressed, stamped and washed, ready for smelting. It is in the form of a black powder, like fine sand.

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References in classic literature ?
she inquired, pointing to the rows of black tin boxes which lined the walls.
So - and here's where some of the magic began - we three joined hands, something usually impossible, and when Mother was taking her afternoon siesta, we entered the larder without permission and zeroed in like homing pigeons on that little black tin of chocolates.
Based on data from the city health office, there was a 43-percent decline in dengue cases from 718 in 2013 to 397 in 2014, a decrease attributed to the black tin cans designed to trap mosquito eggs.
With the pretty black tin pencil box with multi deco lettering and a dual finish, the great textural feel starts before you even get to the actual products.
Lives from a Black Tin Box by Prudence Bell, Ronald Clements Authentic Media, PS8.
The long room, filled with gleaming glass display cases, has an original black tin ceiling and is painted in an earthy shade of clay that highlights the backlit, sometimes menacing figures.
There were also three clear glass jars full of pasta--one large, one medium, and one small--as well as a black tin with the label "I cannot know.
The Swedish band, with Andrew Wyatt, clearly aren't short of ideas: Paddling Out sounds like Fatboy Slim's Praise You on speed, while Black Tin Box is a space-age take on the dark electro of The Knife.
Eventually, the bath will begin to plate black tin, and until recently, there has been no way to predict when the bath would begin to plate black tin.
Graham Smith who virtually lives on Ravensthorpe's doorstep caught steadily on a floating line and a green and black tin head.
An exquisite black tin created for Tsarine Champagne's "CuvE[umlaut]e Blanc de Blanc MillesimE[umlaut]" received the Silver award in the Consumer Appeal category.