Black wolf

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(Zool.) A black variety of the European wolf which is common in the Pyrenees.
A black variety of the American gray wolf.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"Say your prayers, my pigeons," he continued, with a vile oath, "for The Black Wolf leaves no evidence behind him to tie his neck with a halter later, and dead men talk the least."
"If it be The Black Wolf," whispered Father Claude to the boy, "no worse fate could befall us for he preys ever upon the clergy, and when drunk as he now is, he murders his victims.
In the little room but two could engage him at once, but so fiercely did his blade swing and so surely did he thrust that in a bare moment The Black Wolf lay dead upon the floor and the red giant, Shandy, was badly though not fatally wounded.
"The Black Wolf dead, Red Shandy and John Flory wounded, James Flory, One Eye Kanty and Peter the Hermit prisoners!" he ejaculated.
"With The Black Wolf dead, and may the devil pull out his eyes with red hot tongs, we might look farther and fare worse, mates, in search of a chief," spoke Red Shandy, eyeing his fellows, "for verily any man, be he but a stripling, who can vanquish six such as we, be fit to command us."
A deliverables report recently released by the three parties has demonstrated the achievements they completed in the past three years, including the record of a rare black wolf's first appearance in China.
The company produces the Black Wolf range of beers plus Stivy's Cider, a liqueur range and Boe Gin.
When he manages to sleep, Coleridge is terrorized by a black wolf in dream sequences that are evocative of early Stephen King.
Crime thriller Black Wolf by G D Abson is a fast-paced read that plunges right into the beating heart of Putin's Russia.
Crime thriller Black Wolf, by GD Abson, is a fast-paced read that plunges right into the beating heart of Putin's Russia.
The Carbon Wolf carries a price of $3,600, but if that's too rich for your blood, there's also a laminate-stocked version known as the Black Wolf available for $2,325.