a.1.Having black eyebrows. Hence: Gloomy; dismal; threatening; forbidding.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
The other, the East king, the king of blood-red sunrises, I represent to myself as a spare Southerner with clear-cut features, black-browed and dark-eyed, gray-robed, upright in sunshine, resting a smooth-shaven cheek in the palm of his hand, impenetrable, secret, full of wiles, fine-drawn, keen - meditating aggressions.
For the first time she was unafraid of this big-bodied, black-browed men with the hairy-matted hands and fingers.
"We are kind to her," the Misses Osborne said, a pair of fine black-browed young ladies who had had the best of governesses, masters, and milliners; and they treated her with such extreme kindness and condescension, and patronised her so insufferably, that the poor little thing was in fact perfectly dumb in their presence, and to all outward appearance as stupid as they thought her.
I deemed that yonder black-browed girl had been thy concubine, and I gave her to be a handmaiden to Sir Brian de Bois-Guilbert, after the fashion of patriarchs and heroes of the days of old, who set us in these matters a wholesome example.''
"Hast never seen tumblers before?" asked the elder, a black-browed, swarthy man, as brown and supple as a hazel twig.
Doubtless, however, either of these stern and black-browed Puritans would have thought it quite a sufficient retribution for his sins that, after so long a lapse of years, the old trunk of the family tree, with so much venerable moss upon it, should have borne, as its topmost bough, an idler like myself.
This was a bold, brazen little black-browed woman--a widow for choice--who on Sophie's death was guilefully to marry George for his wealth and ruin him in a year.
What was also described as a "jawdropping moment" for observers was the sighting of a black-browed albatross off the coast - a first since 1973.
? A fire-tufted barbet and below a black-browed barbet are just two of the 14 species given a safe home by Chester Zoo
Summary: Washington DC, [USA] June 18 (ANI): According to a recent study, sudden change in sea surface temperature affects the survival of black-browed albatross of Kerguelen Island.