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a.1.Having a black, dark, or gloomy face or aspect.
References in classic literature ?
I had paused half way through the hatchway, looking back, still astonished beyond measure at the grotesque ugliness of this black-faced creature.
The black-faced man, howling in a singular voice rolled about under the feet of the dogs.
Twenty long years in that fever-ridden swamp, all day at work under the mangrove-tree, all night chained up in the filthy convict-huts, bitten by mosquitoes, racked with ague, bullied by every cursed black-faced policeman who loved to take it out of a white man.
and then is my eye opened to the eternal picture which nature paints in the street, with moving men and children, beggars and fine ladies, draped in red and green and blue and gray; long-haired, grizzled, white-faced, black-faced, wrinkled, giant, dwarf, expanded, elfish,--capped and based by heaven, earth and sea.
Curly and he were taken below by Perrault and turned over to a black-faced giant called Francois.
One of the black-faced Scotch, Sir Pitt: we killed on Thursday.
In the austral summer of 2011, in the rural arca of Villarrica county, southern Chile (39[degrees]16'S, 72[degrees]19'W), 7 black-faced ibis juveniles (approximately 4 months old) were observed in the field with weakness; they were unable to follow the group and struggling to take flight.
The theft of the black-faced Swaledale sheep, taken from the farm in Bellingham, was discovered late last week.
OFF IT GOES A snail in Kielder Forest, by Ruth Daverson FEELING SHEEPISH A black-faced lamb by Lyle Stout SPECTACULAR Andrew Charlton took this shot of the Tyne Bridge
Initially the scene was a microcosm of valley life between the two Great wars - the black-faced collier just up from the pit (no coal head baths at that time), the lady dressed in best fur-collared coat waiting for the bus, the suave, sharply-dressed snooker player posing with billiard cue in hand (most Welsh villages had their own snooker establishment - probably the reason Wales has produced so many fine snooker champions over the years).
My wife and I had a break in Amsterdam last week and were surprised to see black-faced dolls everywhere including in a chocolate shop window and tied to the front of a street organ, the latter in the company of a Santa doll.
Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike, Coracina novaehollandiae) I found the accounts accurate and the bibliography, although not exhaustive, included the major references.