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Black Shirt

also Black·shirt  (blăk′shûrt′)
A member of a fascist party organization having a black shirt as part of its uniform, especially an Italian fascist.
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(Historical Terms) (in Europe) a member of a fascist organization, esp a member of the Italian Fascist party before and during World War II
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Noun1.Blackshirt - a member of the Italian fascist party before World War II
fascist - an adherent of fascism or other right-wing authoritarian views
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[ˈblækʃɜːt] N (Pol) → camisa negra mf
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[ˈblækˌʃɜːt] n (Pol) → Camicia nera
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Fascism in Britain rapidly declined, developing into blackshirt brutal thuggery, racism and anti-semitism for control of heckling and rejection of BUF pronouncements.
GARY RAIKES Last month, the Record unmasked Scotland's self-styled heir to bygone Blackshirt Oswald Mosley.
They came together to stop Mosley's Blackshirt fascists marching down Cable Street.
But Amory is hungry for more and her search for life, love and artistic expression will take her to the demi-monde of 1920s Berlin, New York in the 1930s, the Blackshirt riots in London, and France during the Second World War, where she becomes one of the first women war photographers.
The "Ilaga" movement, composed mostly of migrants from the Visayas, gained notoriety during the Martial Law era when its forces enjoyed military backing in repulsing the so-called "Blackshirt" rebellion, which later evolved into the formation of the then unified MNLF.
In Barry, Cardiff and the Valleys there were strong "Blackshirt" groups, often involved in violence against the Communists and Socialists.
In a speech in Tooting, south London, Mr Miliband received loud applause when he insisted that contrary to what figures like the blackshirt Oswald Mosley, Enoch Powell and BNP leader Nick Griffin suggested, the multi-ethnic Britain shown in this week's census and in the summer's Olympic and Paralympic Games was a cause for celebration.
They did so, not because she is some wild-eyed, goose-stepping blackshirt but because she has the bravery to tackle the issues that matter to ordinary people in France.
Battistelli's ITALIAN BLACKSHIRT 1935-45 (9781846035050, $18.95) joins other 'Warrior' histories and provides a new history of the Blackshirts: famous paramilitaries who operated from the peak of Mussolini's power to the close of World War II.
Still, in all fairness, it should be noted that the dubious achievements of other artists, lesser and greater, have been revalorized: Matisse of the middle-Nice period, Picasso in Antibes and Mougins, collaborationist Picabia in Nice, Mario Sironi's Blackshirt propaganda, even the Nazi classicism of Arno Brecker all enjoy topical apology today.
He and members of his anti-Semitic Blackshirt group were punched to the ground as soon as the meeting began.
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